Toll Manufacturing

Helix Industries has been a toll manufacturer since its inception. We believe that our unique array of chemical processing equipment coupled with our process expertise will help you to reduce your costs costs and shorten your product development cycle.

Our toll manufacturing approach provides unique services for customers in need of multi-step synthesis. We can provide laboratory research and feasibility analysis, process development, and multi-tiered scale up from pilot to commercial quantities.

Our staff is expert at difficult and hazardous chemistries. We have procedures and practices in place to handle reagents such as highly corrosive acid chlorides, phosgene and other inhalation hazards, reactive hydrides, and carcinogens. With over four decades of experience, we have developed a best-practice approach to health, safety, and security matters.

Our diverse and well-established chemical manufacturing capabilities position us as a single point of access for your project requirements. Furthermore, our clients are often able to reap the benefits resulting from our auxillary support services, including logistics management, packaging and labeling, and drop-shipping.

Our customers range from startups with no manufacturing capabilities to the most well-known world wide distributors Projects are typically conducted under confidentiality agreement to protect customer intellectual property. Project pricing depends on the nature and scope of work, but options include time and material, fixed fee, or dollar per unit.