Restroom Maintenance


Restroom Cleaners & Sanitizers


LCC Liquid Crème Cleanser
A viscous scouring crème cleanser that quickly removes grease, soil, soap scum and other deposits from all surfaces including Formica, bathroom tiles, fiberglass, metals, porcelain and stainless steel in lavatories and kitchens. Mildly abrasive but will not scratch finishes.

Lavaway Low Acid Bowl Cleaner
A low acid toilet bowl cleaner for bathroom maintenance where normal conditions are found. Lavaway dissolves lime, uric acid deposits and light rust stains. Replaces offensive odors with a pleasant fragrance. Will not harm plumbing or septic systems.

Super Lavaway Bowl Cleaner
A heavy duty acid bowl cleaner made with detergents and emulsifiers to quickly clean and deodorize highly encrusted and stained porcelain. Super Lavaway is effective in hard water areas where lime, calcium and other tough mineral build ups are found. Eliminates rust stains and is safe on plumbing and septic systems.

LabNab Non Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner
A slightly viscous liquid containing no acids, LabNab is specifically made for cleaning toilet bowls and other restroom fixtures. Labnab removes all mineral and organic deposits including calcium, lime, urine and fecal stains. Safe on plumbing and septic systems.

SaniJohn Disinfecting Toilet Bowl Cleaner
SaniJohn is a non acid disinfecting bowl cleaner that cleans, refreshes, deodorizes and sanitizes at one time. SaniJohn removes stubborn stains with out damage to bowl. It is safe on all types of drains.

Glisten Tub; Tile Cleaner
A concentrated acid tub and tile cleaner that is both strong and fast acting. Glisten dissolves and suspends soap scum, body oils, soils and mineral deposits. Rinses completely. For use on most bathroom and shower surfaces, grout, fiberglass, chrome and ceramic tile.

Dingleberry Clinging Tile and Grout Cleaner
A thick and clinging mildly acid porcelain and ceramic tile cleaner. For use in all bathroom applications including the removal of scale, lime, soap scum, uric acid and rust from showers, urinals, floors, toilet bowls and drinking fountains. Dingleberry’s clinging quality makes vertical surface cleaning easy.

Grand Slam Drain Cleaner
A liquid alkaline based, chemically active drain cleaner. Dissolves drain clogs quickly without damage to plumbing. Slices through even severe blockages without jeopardizing plumbing.