Industrial Cleaners/Deg.

Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers


APC All Purpose Cleaner
APC is an economical concentrated all purpose cleaner designed for light duty cleaning and damp mopping. APC is safely used on all washable surfaces including finished floors. Because it is low foaming, APC can be used in automatic scrubbers.

Top Gun Ready to Use Cleaner & Degreaser
This ready to use economical all-purpose cleaner is made for light to medium duty cleaning and degreasing of any washable surface. Top Gun delivers outstanding results when cleaning walls, floors, counter tops, appliances and other like surfaces. Top Gun will not harm painted surfaces.

Deny Economy All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser
An economical concentrated heavy duty cleaner-degreaser which is fortified with alkalinity builders, water softeners, surfactants and co-solvents. Deny wets, loosens and emulsifies soils and greases of all types. Deny cleans and degreases all hard surfaces including painted surfaces and floors. May be used effectively in steam jennies.

Dynamo All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser
A concentrated heavy duty, low foaming cleaner and degreaser. Dynamo is effective on even the most difficult types and degrees of soil. Dynamo can be used to clean all areas from the toughest to the most delicate. When used in accordance with instructions, Dynamo is safe on all indicated surfaces. Works well in all water hardness conditions.

O-Range Citrus Solvent Cleaner Degreaser & Deodorizer
A cleaner degreaser made with natural, biodegradable solvents. Excellent as a stain remover and for keeping sewer lines and grease traps open and odor free. O-Range renews malodorous areas with a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Rainbow Non-Butyl Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser
An all purpose, non-butyl, non-corrosive and environmentally sound liquid cleaner for use on all surfaces not harmed by water. This powerful cleaner removals of all types of grease, dirt, wax and soils even under the toughest industrial conditions. Rainbow’s wetting, penetrating, lifting and cleaning abilities are unparalleled. USDA Authorized.

Cinch Stainless Steel Cleaner
Cinch cleans, polishes and protects all stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, Formica, baked enamel and copper surfaces. Contains no acids, alkalis or abrasives. Cinch enhances the appearance and life of metal surfaces. Cinch has a pleasant non-chemical fragrance.

See True Ready-to-Use Window Cleaner
This ready-to-use, non ammoniated green cleaner delivers a shiny streak free finish on glass, mirrors, and other surfaces not harmed by water. Spray or sponge on and wipe or squeegee off. See True leaves no residue and dries streak free. Contains no alcohol and no ammonia.

Klean Glass Concentrated Glass Cleaner
This highly concentrated product makes more than 30 gallons of film-free, non-streaking glass cleaner from one gallon of concentrate. Clean Glass provides fast, complete and highly economical removal of soil from glass, mirrors, tile, porcelain, chrome and all other surfaces not affected by water.

Shine Metal Polish
Shine is a highly effective liquid metal cleaner/polish that removes tarnish and dirt from brass, aluminum, bronze, copper, chrome, pewter and stainless steel. Shine is odor and residue free.