Vehicle Maintenance


Industrial Vehicle & Maintenance


Steam Away Stem Jenny All Purpose Degreaser
A concentrated all-purpose cleaner designed for use in a steam jenny or high-pressure washer. Cuts through and dissolves road grease, grime and dirt. Emulsified soil and grime rinse easily with cleaner water.

Master Sheen Car Wash
A pink highly concentrated high foaming liquid intended for use with automatic dispensing equipment. May also be used in hand car washing. Effectively removes road greases and grime but will not harm paints or finishes. Will not cause streaking.

Kleen Quick Bus and Truck Wash
Designed for use with a pressure washer, this heavy-duty alkaline liquid cleans road film, grit, grease and grime immediately. Kleen Quick delivers high foaming for vertical surface cling. Excellent rinseability. Equally effective when brushed on. Also available in powder.

Cold Spray Wax
An economical product made for use in automatic car wash systems. Concentrated sheeting property reduces usage cost while delivering maximum beading for quick and easy drying.

Bulls Eye Liquid Tire Cleaner
A green liquid white wall tire cleaner for use in car wash facilities. Spray or brush on, agitate and rinse. Leaves white walls sparkling white. Will not pit aluminum, alloy wheels or hubcaps.

Alumax Aluminum Brightener & Cleaner
A concentrated cleaner intended for use on aluminum surfaces such as trailers. Mix with water and spray on. Cleans and brightens aluminum to like-new appearance levels. Alumax also restores certain pitted surfaces.