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Laundry Detergents


Liz Low Foam Laundry Detergent
Our most economical and complete powdered detergent. Liz delivers excellent low suds detergency and contains a combination of water conditioners, alkalinity builders, surface active agents, optical brighteners and sequestering agents. Liz penetrates fast to remove soils and rinses completely. Liz may be used in hard or soft water and is perfect for washing lightly soiled items.

Jersey Suds Low Foam Laundry Detergent
A more concentrated laundry detergent containing water conditioners, alkalinity builders, surfactants, sequestering agents and brighteners. Jersey Suds may be effectively used in up to medium hard water to clean light to medium soiled textiles.

WOW Low Foam Laundry Detergent
Our most concentrated and effective powdered low foam laundry powder. Wow is a built laundry detergent that provides an excellent cleaning system for a wide range of soils and fabrics. Wow also contains a combination of anti-redeposition and whitening agents.



Bleau-X Liquid Laundry Detergent
Bleau-X is a super thick and concentrated liquid laundry detergent which contains a combination of whitening agents sequesterants, anti-redeposition agents and brighteners. Bleau-X is completely effective on a wide range of soils and water temperatures. For use in soft to medium hard water. May be used with an alkaline builder on extremely heavy soils.

Complete Laundry Detergent
A liquid laundry detergent designed for use in all water conditions and on the heaviest of soil loads. Contains anti- redepositioning agents to remove soils and keep them out fabrics. Safe on all fabrics in all degrees of water hardness.

L- Spot Prespotter
This concentrated liquid is for use on heavily soiled and stained laundry items. It can be used in a presoak solution or applied directly to fabrics as a spotter. L-Spot effectively loosens soils for maximum cleaning efficiency. Safe on all fabrics.




Lab Klor Bleach
A concentrated white granular powdered chlorine bleach with built-in buffered pH for gradual bleaching effect. Lab Klor also contains water softening agents and delivers excellent whiteness and stain removal, including mildew.

CSB Chlor Safe Bleach
CSB is used with a built detergent on the break or suds bath in any laundry operation where a safety bleach is desired. This dry white granular oxygen bleach delivers excellent stain removal and enhanced whiteness and brightness while being color safe on all washable fabrics.


Fabric Softeners


Finale’ Fabric Softener
Finale’ uses a unique blend of surfactants possessing special lubricating properties to reduce static, fluff up towels and make diapers and other fabrics soft to the touch. Pleasantly scented, Finale’ Softener reduces wrinkling and decreases tumbling time.

Soft-Bak Fabric Softener
Soft-Bak is a concentrated powdered fabric softener with a built in residual bacteriostat and self-sanitizer. Soft-Bak is used in commercial and hospital laundries. Eliminates static cling and chafing from all textiles while delivering residual bacteriostatic activity. Protects against gram positive and gram negative organisms in high relative humidity or wetness. Limits production of organisms which act on urine to produce ammonia. EPA registered. Also available as Soft-Bak liquid.

Neutralizer S Laundry Sour
This white powder is an economical yet highly efficient combination of neutralizing sours with completely controlled pH. Containing a productive blend of optical and fluorescent brighteners, Neutralizer S is extremely effective on all fabrics and completely safe. Neutralizer S dissolves rapidly and may be used in all water temperatures.



Lab Soft
A special liquid fabric softener concentrate that contains bluing for extra whitening power. Added to the final rinse, Lab Soft produces soft, bright and fresh smelling fabrics. Lab Soft is safe on all washable fabrics.


Liquid Laundry Injection Products


Advance Solid Laundry Detergent
Advance Solid Laundry Detergent is a one of a kind super concentrated encapsulated product that is superior to most powders and liquids in it’s ease of use and handling. Advance is effective on stain removal in all water conditions.

Packed as 4-5 lb Capsules per case


X-Tra Punch Built Liquid Alkali
An exceptional, silicated liquid alkalinity builder which results in maximum soil removal and whiteness retention. Use with Helix’s liquid laundry detergents to wash both white and colored fabrics.

Apollo Laundry Detergent
Apollo is a concentrated, blue pumpable liquid laundry detergent with a multi- stage cleaning system covering a wide range of soils and fabrics. Apollo has a combination of anti-redeposition agents, co-solvents, whitening agents and optical brighteners. Maximum effectiveness is obtained in a wide range of temperatures and water hardness. Apollo should be used with an alkaline builder on most soils.

Challenge Laundry Detergent
Challenge is a blue, liquid built laundry detergent and alkali combo designed primarily for light to medium soil classifications. Challenge contains a combination of anti-redeposition, whitening and brightening agents. Challenge is effective in a wide range of water temperatures and even under the hardest water conditions. Challenge is perfect for use on soils commonly found in hotels and institutions.

Destainer Laundry Bleach
A ready-to-use light yellow liquid chlorine bleach. Destainer is made for use on white laundry work that can withstand bleaching. Destainer delivers outstanding stain removal, including mildew, and imparts superior whiteness. Built-in alkalinity provides stability and increased shelf life.

LAC Liquid Anti-Chlor
A clear totally effective chlorine remover. LAC frees chlorine from all bleached fabrics. LAC prevents yellowing and fabric deterioration while increasing fabric brightness.

Neutra Soft Softener & Sour Combination
This hyper- efficient, viscose, pink fabric softener and sour gives a smooth, soft finish to fabrics. Neutra Soft decreases water retention in linens and other fabric types thus greatly reducing dry time. Neutra Soft eliminates “static cling” especially in synthetic blend fabrics. Neutra Soft neutralizes residual alkali and is safe on all white and colored fabrics.

Lab Sour Laundry Sour
Lab Sour is a green concentrated combo of highly neutralizing sours with completely controlled pH. This product is fully soluble and works easily in all water temperatures. Containing an exclusive blend of optical and fluorescent brighteners, Lab Sour is safe and effective on all white and colored fabrics.

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