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Dish Machine Detergents


MDP-1 Pink Non-Chlorinated
MDP-1 contains alkalinity builders, buffering agents and soil suspending agents which make MDP-1 ideal for use in soft water conditions. Effective and economical. Not for use on soft metals.

MDP-3 Pink Non-Chlorinated
A highly balanced alkaline powdered machine dishwashing detergent that can be used effectively in all levels of water hardness and under the heaviest of soil loads. MDP-3 dissolves and suspends all food soils effectively and economically. Not for use on soft metals.

CMD-100 Chlorinated
A powdered, chlorinated machine dishwashing detergent. Buffered chlorine removes coffee and tea stains. Not for use on soft metals.

CMD-200 Chlorinated
CMD-200 is a powdered, chlorinated machine dishwashing detergent designed to clean heavy soils in up to medium-hard water. Formulated with alkalinity builders, sequestrants, deflocculants, and soil suspending
agents, CMD-200 is extremely effective. Not for use on soft metals.

CMD-300 Chlorinated
A concentrated heavy duty, granular, chlorinated dishwashing detergent. Alkaline builders, water conditioners, wetting agents, and sequestering agents, combine in a highly charged alkaline base to quickly remove and suspend all food soils in all degrees of water hardness. Chlorinated to help remove stains. Not for use on soft metals.

CMD-500 Chlorinated
A top quality granular, heavy duty, chlorinated machine dishwasher detergent. CMD-500 is formulated to be highly alkaline and to contain a perfect balance of sequestrants, buffering agents, surfactants and deflocculants. CMD-500 is specifically designed for use in very hard water and under the heaviest soil load conditions. Not for use on soft metals.

Conquer is a granulated, highly concentrated, chlorinated heavy-duty machine dishwashing detergent produced in capsule form only. The granular nature of Conquer assures complete dispensing of product. Conquer is formulated with sequestering agents, wetting agents and water conditioners in a balanced alkaline base which combine with chlorine to remove all food soils and stains effectively and economically. Conquer is very effective in hard water areas. Also available in soft metal safe version.

Packed as 4-9 lb Capsules per case


SMD-600 Non-Chlorinated
Encapsulated solid warewash detergent for use in bowl type dispensers. Specifically formulated for economical and precise dispensing into automatic dish machines. Cleans all types of food soils in soft to hard water.

Packed as 4-8 lb Capsules

SOLID Aluminum Safe Non-Chlorinated
Same as above. Formulated with silicated materials that prevent the corrosion of soft metals.

Packed as 4-8 lb Capsules per case


Non Chlor
A highly effective non-chlorinated liquid machine dish detergent, which can be used in all water hardness conditions and in the heaviest of soils. Not for use on soft metals.

CML-100 Chlorinated
An alkaline rich liquid dish machine detergent designed for use with automatic liquid dispensing equipment. CML-100 is intended for use in all levels of water hardness and under heavy soil conditions. CML-100 contains highly buffered chlorine for effective stain removal. Not for use on soft metals.

Max-Safe Aluminum Safe Pot & Pan Cleaner
A heavy-duty, mildly alkaline liquid machine dishwashing detergent formulated to provide excellent protection from pitting and darkening of pots and pans made of soft metals such as aluminum. Max-Safe is effective in hard water and under the heaviest soil conditions. Max-Safe is an effective and economical soft-metal safe detergent.


Rinse Additives


RAD Rinse Additive
RAD is an economical drying agent formulated to prevent spotting and streaking. RAD can be used effectively in soft to medium water hardness.

BRAG Rinse Additive
BRAG combines surface tension agents and food soil defoamers to provide excellent water sheeting. Effective in most water conditions, BRAG delivers exceptionally quick and spot free drying of all washed wares.

Super L – High Solids Rinse Additive
A concentrated rinse additive formulated for use in areas where extremely high water hardness exists. Super L allows glasses and all other machine washed items to sheet water off rapidly and completely. Clear and spot free drying in the most difficult water conditions.

A – Dri Acid Rinse Additive
An acid based drying agent for use in particularly difficult hard water conditions. A-Dri eliminates all spotting and streaking and helps prevent scale buildup.


Ultra Dri Rinse Additive
Ultra Dri is a super concentrated, top of the line encapsulated solid rinse additive. Dispensed through an automatic injection system, Ultra Dri is formulated for maximum performance at the lowest cost possible. Ultra Dri will not foam under any normal condition.

Packed as 4-5 lb Capsules per case.


Low Temp Dish Machine Detergents


Low Temp Detergent
An excellent liquid machine dishwashing product. The detergent for those desiring maximum efficiency and sparkling clean dishware from a low temperature, energy saving dishwashing machine. Formulated with special alkalinity boosters, sequestrants, buffering agents and deflocculants, Low Temp Detergent is highly effective under heavy soiling conditions in soft or medium hard water.

Low Temp Rinse Agent
A highly concentrated liquid rinse additive containing synthetic wetting agents and inorganic sequestering agents. Thoroughly sheets off all surfaces, thereby providing rapid spot-free drying. Specially built-in surfactants and a defoamer prevent foam build up.

Low Temp Sanitizer
For use as a sanitizing agent in the last rinse operation of a low temperature dish machine. Low Temp Sanitizer replaces the thermal denaturization process found in high temperature dishwashers. Buffered for extra stability.

Low Temp Slow Release
Special chlorinated sanitizing product manufactured for use on silverware washed in low temperature machines.

Manual Dishwashing Detergents


An economical pink liquid dishwashing detergent that emulsifies oil and grease and is highly effective in all water temperatures and degrees of hardness. Our most economical manual liquid dishwashing detergent.

Creamy Pink
Formulated for commercial use, Creamy Pink is an economical yet concentrated manual dishwashing liquid. Creamy Pink produces high suds and is long lasting and highly effective in cutting food soils and greases while allowing for rapid and spot free drying. Can be used for general kitchen cleaning. Creamy Pink is gentle on the hands.

Blue Majik
A blue manual dishwashing liquid with long lasting, copious suds that quickly cuts and suspends grease and soils. Blue Majik delivers spot free drying action. Blue Majik is gentle on the hands and contains select detergents and grease emulsifiers that are able to cut through oils and grime like magic.

A superior amber pot and pan hand dishwashing liquid. Sudsy is formulated to produce high, long lasting suds in all degrees of water hardness. Sudsy provides that squeaky clean feel and look to all washed wares, yet is gentle and non-irritating to hands.

Pro Grad Super Suds
Our top-rated, high sudsing, green liquid dish glass and pot and pan detergent. Cuts grease fast with longer lasting, more copious suds, yet is mild on hands. Cleans encrusted organic soils safely while removing foods and grease from all washed items. Highly concentrated formulation provides unsurpassed sheeting action which produces fast, spot free drying. EZ Bubbles is excellent for use as a pot and pan soak.


Pink Suds
An economical powdered detergent used for manual washing of pots, pans, dishes, glassware and silverware. Pink Suds produces abundant, long lasting suds even in hard water. It effectively
handles heavily soiled wares without redeposition worries.

Pot Man
This yellow free flowing powder contains effective grease cutting agents. and makes easy work of greasy food soils on dishes, flatware silverware, pots and pans, and glassware. Special buffering agents make Pot Man gentle on hands.

A concentrated, mild, white powdered dishwashing detergent. Contains alkalinity builders for grease cutting; synthetic detergents to emulsify and suspend soils; buffering agents to provide mildness, and foam stabilizers to insure long-lasting suds. Special wetting agents cause rapid sheeting of water for fast, spot-free drying.

Safe Dish
This concentrated pink manual dishwashing powder is highly effective in completely cutting through and removing food soils from dishware, flatware, glassware and pots and pans. Advanced sheeting action leaves all items clean, clear and sparkling.

Lab Beads
A high volume, free flowing, white beaded powder with great grease cutting and emulsifying properties. Promotes complete wetting to assure fast and spot free drying. Lab Beads are perfect for light duty general purpose cleaning.


Solid Pan Glow
Highly effective encapsulated detergent for use in solid detergent dispensers. Highly active for complete cleaning and suspension of all food soils, including baked-on fats and greases normally found on pots and pans.

Packed in 4-5 lb capsules per case.



Bar Glass & Sanitizing Products


L-Quat Sanitizer Cleaner for Bars, Restaurants & Institutional Kitchens
Created for the cleaning and sanitizing of glassware, silverware, cooking utensils and food contact surfaces in bars, restaurants, institutional kitchens, meat/poultry plants, veterinary clinics, and on all hard non-porous surfaces. L-Quat is used as a cleaner in the first sink of a two or three sink cleaning operation and as a sanitizer in the second or third sink. EPA registered & USDA Approved.


Sani Tabs
For sanitizing dishes, glasses and utensils in bars, restaurants, taverns and all food service establishments. A quaternary Sanitizer in concentrated, pre measured tablet form. Sani Tabs used in the final rinse sink leave dishes, glasses, and utensils sparkling clean and free of any residual film or taste. Sani Tabs are non-corrosive, non-staining, odorless and non-irritating to hands. EPA registered.


Dishwashing Specialty Products


EZ Oven Grill & Oven Cleaner
EZ Oven is a super powerful, odor free, oven and grill cleaner. EZ Oven provides fast, thorough removal of encrusted and baked on grease and food. Equally effective on fat fryers, griddles, ventilating hoods, rotisseries, and any other areas where carbonized foods or oils exist. Not for use on soft metals.

Blast Out Grill & Oven Cleaner
A concentrated, thickened oven cleaner that is easily pumpable, yet clings to vertical and upside down surfaces. Blast Out removes grease, fats and burnt-on foods from ovens, ranges, range hoods, vents, grills and broilers. May be sprayed, painted or dabbed on surfaces. Not for use on soft metals.

Smash Grill & Oven Cleaner
Highly potent and ultra fast acting. cleaner. Instantly removes even the most stubborn soils from hot or cold grills, ovens, fat fryers, ranges and broilers and vents. May be sprayed, painted or dabbed on surfaces. Not for use on soft metals.

Formula HDC
This tough degreaser is a mildly alkaline, non-flammable industrial cleaner. Formula HDC is safe and effective for removing greasy soils from exhaust hoods and vents made of soft metals, such as aluminum, brass and cooper.

Liquid Detarnish
An odorless concentrate designed to soften food soils on all types of flatware. Chemically removes tarnish from silver or silver plate when used as directed. Liquid Detarnish may be used in all water conditions. Also available in powdered form.

Deep Soak Liquid Presoak & Destainer
Deep Soak is an off-white concentrate which is used to presoak and destain dishware and stainless steel items. Deep Soak lifts off even the heaviest encrusted and baked on soils and removes most food stains in less than one hour. Built-in pacivators allow Deep Soak to be used safely on aluminum in accord with dilution recommendations. Not for use on silver, silverplate, wood and rubber.

LSR Lime Scale Remover
A heavy duty lime scale remover for use in dishwashing machines, steam tables and coffee urns. LSR is also used for the descaling of mineral deposits from laboratory glassware and lab animal cages. LSR will not foam and leaves the inside of dish machines bright and shiny.

Top of the line lime scale remover. Solubilizes and dissolves carbonates and other mineral deposits. Contains acids and other surface active ingredients which synergistically attack mineral salt encrustations. Use Limeater to delime dish machines, and steam tables. Restores and cleans stainless steel and aluminum equipment and descales coffee urns.

I-O-Dyne is an Iodine based sanitizer-cleaner for use in bars, restaurants, meat/poultry plants and veterinary clinics. I-O-Dyne is used as a cleaner in the first bar sink and to sanitize in second or third sinks. I-O-Dyne is also effective as a sanitizer on all hard non-porous food contact surfaces. High dilution ratios make I-O-Dyne extremely economical to use. EPA registered and USDA Approved.

Biogest Enzyme Drain Opener
A concentrated liquid bacteria/enzyme drain cleaner, maintainer and deodorizer. Biogest digests fats, oils, greases, proteins and other food soils to maintain clear and free flowing drains. Biogest can be used safely and effectively in all grease traps, drain lines, recreational vehicles, septic tanks, cesspools, lagoons, and waste treatment plants. Biogest will not harm plumbing.


F-15 Deep Fryer Cleaner
Free flowing powdered formulation that is added to water and heated in a deep fat fryer for complete removal of all baked on and embedded foods and greases. F-15 handles the toughest carbonized and burnt on fatty soils.

SSP Flatware Presoak
A highly concentrated powder used prior to machine washing of flatware. This presoak softens and releases food soils from stainless steel, silverware and all washable items. Use of SSP ensures complete removal of encrusted soils.


Silver Supreme
Solid Presoak encapsulated and concentrated that safely removes dried on soils from tableware. Dispensed through a solid dispenser for ease of use.

Packed as 4-5 lb Capsules per case

Oxy Dip Plastic Presoak
Chlorine free, oxygen releasing bleaching agent is a concentrate used to soak and remove stains, including coffee and tea, from plastic, china and other warewash items. It must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water. Excellent for use on stainless steel and aluminum coffee urns.

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