Air Fresheners & Fragrances




Pulpit rock   PDO Pine Deodorant Cleaner
   A concentrated general use detergent cleaner that cleans and deodorizes all washable surfaces. Odors
   cannot hide from PDO. Moderate foaming action increases cleaning while decreasing rinse and dry
   times Leaves a refreshing pine aroma. Also available in Mint, Cherry and Lemon fragrances.


                        Pine Scrub Soap
An extremely effective pine scented cleaner intended for cleaning of floors, walls and woodwork in industrial, institutional and offices. Pine Scrub Soap may be used in both hot and cold water. Grease and grime are quickly emulsified. The fresh scent of pine is the only remainder after rinsing.

Biogest Odor Counteractant/Neutralizer
An effective malodor control product that counteracts odors with biologically active biodegradable ingredients. Biogest eliminates odors at their source. Ready-to-use liquid can be sprayed or misted onto any water safe surface. Contains no toxic or hazardous materials and is effective in the most malodorous areas, including garbage bins and compactors.