Body Care


Hand Soaps


Kleen 123 Green Liquid Hand Soap
This pleasantly scented, economical green liquid hand soap delivers generous foam for thorough hand cleaning. Full bodied and concentrated, Kleen 123 is perfect for use in pump dispensers for lavatories, office buildings, hotels, schools, factories and restaurants.

Pink Perfect Pink Lotion Hand Soap
Pink Perfect is a thick pink creamy lotionized liquid hand soap. Pink Perfect contains mild detergents and emollients which synergistically produce abundant and long lasting lather for effective dermal lavage. Pink Perfect will not leave skin chapped or feeling rough. Its pleasant fragrance and full body make it perfect for use in lavatories, office building, hotels, schools, restaurants and factories.

Clean & Natural Coconut Hand Soap
Purity at its utmost, this liquid hand soap is made from the finest grade of coconut oil. Clean & Natural produces instant and abundant lather to clean thoroughly; yet will not harm even the most sensitive skin. Pleasantly scented.



Pink Star Powdered Hand Soap
A powdered heavy duty soap formulated to clean the dirtiest hands. Pink Star combines mild abrasives with long lasting lather to thoroughly clean even sensitive skin.