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Strip It Floor Stripper
A strong yet economical non-ammoniated stripper. Strip It will remove any floor finish, including metal cross-linked polymers. Strip It is ammonia-free, pleasant smelling, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive and is especially suited for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other public places. Strip It is also available in an ammoniated form.

Diamond Cutter No Rinse Stripper
Diamond Cutter is a mop on – vacuum off stripper that requires no machine agitation but may be used in a machine stripping operation. Diamond Cutter emulsifies and suspends even the most difficult floor finishes. No residue remains after the emulsified solution is vacuumed, so rinsing is not necessary. Labor and material cost savings are maximized by use of this highly effective and efficient stripper.

Home Run Baseboard Stripper & Cleaner
Highly viscous product removes finish, dirt and spray buff buildups from baseboards and in corners. Home Run puts the final touch on the stripping operation. Thick formulation allows Home Run to cling to vertical surfaces while it eats away at unwanted accumulations.

Meteor Floor Finish
Meteor Floor finish is made for use with high speed burnishers. It has excellent leveling, drying, buffing and durability qualities. Like all Helix floor finishes, Meteor has an excellent anti-slip factor. Meteor keeps its original gloss even after continued dry and damp mopping. Spray buffing will quickly remove scratches and scuff marks.

Samson Floor Finish
A metal cross linked polymer based floor finish which dries to an extremely high gloss without buffing. Samson has great depth of gloss and excellent wear properties. Samson is easily repairable and buffable with Reborn. Samson may be recoated and is stripped quickly and easily.

Apex Floor Finish- Ultra High Speed-High Solids
This co-polymer floor finish is uniquely formulated for use with ultra high speed floor burnishing machines. APEX has extraordinary leveling, drying and flexibility qualities. When burnished at ultra high speeds, APEX produces a “wet look” finish with unsurpassed wearibility. Dry buffing at ultra high speeds creates the shine and finish of the Millennium. Excellent anti-slip rating. APEX is the finish of choice in high visibility/high traffic areas.

Helix Green Neutral Floor Finish Cleaner
A concentrated, neutral pH general purpose floor cleaner. Helix Green is formulated to be a highly effective dirt and grime remover that will not harm or dull floor finishes. Designed for maintaining high gloss finishes.

Reborn Floor Finish Restorer
A concentrated floor finish restorer used as a spray buff or finish restorer. Removes black heel marks, repairs scuffs and scratches and cleans surface soils. Reborn restores high luster to all floor finishes. When used in a floor care maintenance program, Reborn greatly extends time between stripping and recoating. Use with ultra high speed burnishers and all other floor buffing machines.

Seal Tite Floor Sealer
A high quality sealer or undercoat for all floor finishes and waxes. Seal Tite may be used on resilient tile, terrazzo and concrete floors. It seals all porous floors and eliminates spalling while helping to prevent staining. Seal Tite is highly resistant to water and detergents. Odorless and non-flammable, Seal Tite will not yellow. May be used alone or with a top coat.


PFC Floor Cleaner
A highly concentrated powdered detergent that offers maximum efficiency in cleaning and degreasing floors of all types. Completely soluble in hot or cold water. PFC mops or brushes on to rapidly to lift and emulsify soils for easy and complete removal. PFC rinses completely leaving a pleasant pine odor.

Conk Out Concrete & Cement Cleaner
Conk Out is an industrial strength powdered concrete detergent which delivers unsurpassed cleaning of the most heavily soiled floors. Powers out the heaviest grease and oil spots from concrete surfaces.



Rug & Carpet Cleaning Products


X Tract Carpet Extraction Cleaner
A highly effective concentrate for use in carpet extractors. X Tract rapidly lifts surface and embedded soils. Its quick cleaning action promotes rapid drying. Natural appearance is restored. Leaves carpet bright and residue free. Formulated to kill recovery tank foaming.

Top Notch Carpet Cleaner
Our finest concentrated carpet cleaning liquid, Top Notch is for use in carpet extractors or as a prespotter. Top Notch’s contains a unique blend of natural and synthetic cleaners that are safe on all synthetic and natural fiber carpets. Top Notch leaves a pleasant aroma and leaves no residue. Will not harm gaskets or seals in carpet machines. Top Notch is extremely low foaming and is ideal for use in recirculating carpet extraction systems.

CNR Rug Shampoo
CNR rug and carpet cleaner is safe on all carpet materials. Controlled foaming acts to lift embedded soils to the carpet surface for full removal. May be used with rotary bonnet carpet shampoo machines. CNR is highly economical while yet restores carpets to their original appearance and brightness.

Dirt Lifter Enzyme Carpet Cleaner and Prespotter
Dirt Lifter is an highly effective carpet cleaner and spotter. Dirt Lifter contains a blend of safe solvents and a high concentration of user friendly enzymes which “eat away” at the dirt and food that stains carpet and other fabrics. This double cleaning action ensures that your rugs will come clean and that spots will not reappear. Odors are eliminated through enzymatic action. Dirt Lifter may be used as a spotter and as a carpet cleaner with bonnet machines or carpet extractors.

Pathways Traffic Lane Carpet Cleaner
A concentrated liquid carpet spotter/maintainer that is designed specifically for use in high traffic areas such as entrance ways and hallways. Pathways lifts and dissolves ground-in dirt and soils effectively from all synthetic and natural fiber carpets. Pathways has special drying agents built in to speedup dry time. can be used with a sponge, brush, bonnet system, or floor machine.

NoFoam Extraction Foam Retardant
Concentrated and economical, No Foam halts the formation of foam in recovery tanks. The pick up capacity of carpet extraction equipment is significantly increased by this foam killing action.


Fresh Scent Powdered Carpet Deodorizer
A shake of the Fresh scent Carpet deodorizer dispenses a pleasantly scented dry rug and room deodorizer that refreshes carpets and room air in one easy step. Counteracts odors from pets, smoking and mustiness and helps to reduce static electricity.