Dish Machine Detergents


MDP-1 Pink Non-Chlorinated
MDP-1 contains alkalinity builders, buffering agents and soil suspending agents which make MDP-1 ideal for use in soft water conditions. Effective and economical. Not for use on soft metals.

MDP-3 Pink Non-Chlorinated
A highly balanced alkaline powdered machine dishwashing detergent that can be used effectively in all levels of water hardness and under the heaviest of soil loads. MDP-3 dissolves and suspends all food soils effectively and economically. Not for use on soft metals.

CMD-100 Chlorinated
A powdered, chlorinated machine dishwashing detergent. Buffered chlorine removes coffee and tea stains. Not for use on soft metals.

CMD-200 Chlorinated
CMD-200 is a powdered, chlorinated machine dishwashing detergent designed to clean heavy soils in up to medium-hard water. Formulated with alkalinity builders, sequestrants, deflocculants, and soil suspending
agents, CMD-200 is extremely effective. Not for use on soft metals.

CMD-300 Chlorinated
A concentrated heavy duty, granular, chlorinated dishwashing detergent. Alkaline builders, water conditioners, wetting agents, and sequestering agents, combine in a highly charged alkaline base to quickly remove and suspend all food soils in all degrees of water hardness. Chlorinated to help remove stains. Not for use on soft metals.

CMD-500 Chlorinated
A top quality granular, heavy duty, chlorinated machine dishwasher detergent. CMD-500 is formulated to be highly alkaline and to contain a perfect balance of sequestrants, buffering agents, surfactants and deflocculants. CMD-500 is specifically designed for use in very hard water and under the heaviest soil load conditions. Not for use on soft metals.

Conquer is a granulated, highly concentrated, chlorinated heavy-duty machine dishwashing detergent produced in capsule form only. The granular nature of Conquer assures complete dispensing of product. Conquer is formulated with sequestering agents, wetting agents and water conditioners in a balanced alkaline base which combine with chlorine to remove all food soils and stains effectively and economically. Conquer is very effective in hard water areas. Also available in soft metal safe version.

Packed as 4-9 lb Capsules per case


SMD-600 Non-Chlorinated
Encapsulated solid warewash detergent for use in bowl type dispensers. Specifically formulated for economical and precise dispensing into automatic dish machines. Cleans all types of food soils in soft to hard water.

Packed as 4-8 lb Capsules

SOLID Aluminum Safe Non-Chlorinated
Same as above. Formulated with silicated materials that prevent the corrosion of soft metals.

Packed as 4-8 lb Capsules per case


Non Chlor
A highly effective non-chlorinated liquid machine dish detergent, which can be used in all water hardness conditions and in the heaviest of soils. Not for use on soft metals.

CML-100 Chlorinated
An alkaline rich liquid dish machine detergent designed for use with automatic liquid dispensing equipment. CML-100 is intended for use in all levels of water hardness and under heavy soil conditions. CML-100 contains highly buffered chlorine for effective stain removal. Not for use on soft metals.

Max-Safe Aluminum Safe Pot & Pan Cleaner
A heavy-duty, mildly alkaline liquid machine dishwashing detergent formulated to provide excellent protection from pitting and darkening of pots and pans made of soft metals such as aluminum. Max-Safe is effective in hard water and under the heaviest soil conditions. Max-Safe is an effective and economical soft-metal safe detergent.




RAD Rinse Additive
RAD is an economical drying agent formulated to prevent spotting and streaking. RAD can be used effectively in soft to medium water hardness.

BRAG Rinse Additive
BRAG combines surface tension agents and food soil defoamers to provide excellent water sheeting. Effective in most water conditions, BRAG delivers exceptionally quick and spot free drying of all washed wares.

Super L – High Solids Rinse Additive
A concentrated rinse additive formulated for use in areas where extremely high water hardness exists. Super L allows glasses and all other machine washed items to sheet water off rapidly and completely. Clear and spot free drying in the most difficult water conditions.

A – Dri Acid Rinse Additive
An acid based drying agent for use in particularly difficult hard water conditions. A-Dri eliminates all spotting and streaking and helps prevent scale buildup.


Ultra Dri Rinse Additive
Ultra Dri is a super concentrated, top of the line encapsulated solid rinse additive. Dispensed through an automatic injection system, Ultra Dri is formulated for maximum performance at the lowest cost possible. Ultra Dri will not foam under any normal condition.

Packed as 4-5 lb Capsules per case.