Low Temperature Dish Machine Detergents


Low Temp Detergent
An excellent liquid machine dishwashing product. The detergent for those desiring maximum efficiency and sparkling clean dishware from a low temperature, energy saving dishwashing machine. Formulated with special alkalinity boosters, sequestrants, buffering agents and deflocculants, Low Temp Detergent is highly effective under heavy soiling conditions in soft or medium hard water.

Low Temp Rinse Agent
A highly concentrated liquid rinse additive containing synthetic wetting agents and inorganic sequestering agents. Thoroughly sheets off all surfaces, thereby providing rapid spot-free drying. Specially built-in surfactants and a defoamer prevent foam build up.

Low Temp Sanitizer
For use as a sanitizing agent in the last rinse operation of a low temperature dish machine. Low Temp Sanitizer replaces the thermal denaturization process found in high temperature dishwashers. Buffered for extra stability.

Low Temp Slow Release
Special chlorinated sanitizing product manufactured for use on silverware washed in low temperature machines.